ID Live - Glasslands 3

Infernal Devices

Taking inspiration from 80′s dance music, pulp science fiction, and retro-futurism, Infernal Devices is an electropop duo consisting of myself and Mark Allen. We have released 3 EPs, several remixes, and a collaboration with electro-house producer Ming.

As Infernal Devices, I wanted to push the envelope to do interesting and exciting things and use creativity and ingenuinity to solve problems and overcome challenges rather than do what all the other bands were doing. This spirit follows in the approach that I take doing everything with Infernal Devices, not just writing, producing, and mixing our tracks and remixes, but truly everything from building The Phenomatron as a new and different approach to performing live, creating interactive promotional tools like The Virtual Phenomatron, coding the website, to designing the album art for all of our releases.

Listen to ‘Life in Stereo’ and watch the live video of ‘Passengers’ below.

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